WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 2018 // 7:30pm-10pm

Seaside Location in Brooklyn, near Plumb Beach


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A Once-a-Year Opportunity to Witness the Full Moon Spawning of the Horseshoe Crab — perhaps the oldest creatures on earth

An Invitation to Find your Spirit Animal — through a seaside journey with Kristen Boyer

A Chance to Learn about Collecting Scientific Data — directly used to safeguard these ancient creatures

Join us to watch the horseshoes crabs, one of the oldest living creatures on earth, swim ashore with the full moon high tide to spawn. As the full moon rises, Kristen Boyer will lead us on a journey to connect with our animal totem and the ocean.  We will learn about the collection of scientific data from Cornell Cooperative Extension and NYC Audubon directly used to safeguard the ancient horseshoe crabs and local wildlife. 

Horseshoe crabs are aliens from another planet, if we allow that the other planet was Earth about five hundred million years ago “- Ian Frazier



  •  a jacket and a blanket — the seaside temperature can be about 20 degrees cooler than in the city so please dress accordingly. It's hard to find your spirit animal when you are cold.
  • a headlamp or flashlight
  •  an eyemask
  • a journal to record your journey
  • water shoes if you want to wade into the water to meet the crabs

Our journey will begin promptly at 8pm on the beach. Please do not disturb the group if you arrive late. Quietly find us and take a seat at the edge of the circle.

Sunset: 8:19pm
Last light: 8:51pm
High Tide: 9:30pm


What to Expect:

A seaside journey to find your animal totem facilitated by Kristen Boyer

We will be sitting or lying on the sand for the totem animal journey. If you prefer not to lie in the sand, please bring a beach blanket. You may want an eye covering to block the light of the rising flower moon.  

The Horseshoes!

 The Limulus polyphemus horseshoe crabs we will meet are some of the oldest living creatures on earth- predating the dinosaurs and the bedrock of Manhattan. After the totem animal journey we will walk to the water's edge to meet the horseshoe crabs as they swim up at the full moon high tide to spawn. The crabs don't crawl very far out of the surf, so you don't have to be worried about being pinched. 

A Counting of the Crabs

We will discuss counting the crabs using protocol developed by Cornell Cooperative Extension and NYC Audubon. This scientific ritual entails pacing the water line while toting a large white quadrat square.


Getting There:  accessible by subway and bus, bike, or car

Public Transit: The location is about a 10 minute walk away from the B4 bus. 8 minute ride from the Sheepshead Bay Q and R trains.

Take the Q or B train to the Sheepshead Bay station and catch the B44 or B4 bus.

Plumb Beach is a 10 minute walk from the B44 or B4 bus stop on the corner of Emmons ave. and Knapp st. (also the entrance to Belt Parkway). Catch the B4 bus from the Sheepshead Bay Q station towards Sheepshead Bay. Exit the bus at the corner of Emmons ave. and Knapp st. and walk about 10 minutes along the east greenway (towards the Gil Hodges Bridge/ Rockaway) until you reach Plumb Beach. B44 scheduleB4 schedule.

Train and Taxi:

Take the Q or B train to the Sheepshead Bay station and exit on the 15th street side. There are usually green taxis and car services waiting outside or call and Uber/ Lyft. Plumb Beach is an 8 minute car ride away from the Sheepshead Bay station. The parking lot is only accessible from the EAST SIDE of the the Belt Parkway. Car drop off directions are below. Fares should be about $8.

Local car service number: Safeway Car Service (718) 376-7000

By Car:
Getting to Plumb beach by car is a little tricky, so please read carefully. The directions are different depending on if you will be dropped off by car or will be parking.

Plumb beach is only accessible from the eastbound side of the Belt Parkway. There is not an exit for Plumb beach on the westside of the Belt Parkway. The pull-out for the parking lot is unmarked by a sign, but occurs directly after the blue Rest Area sign between Exit 9 (Knapp Street) and Exit 11 (Flatbush Avenue). There is a the yellow gate pictured below at the entrance to the parking lot that occurs directly after the blue REST STOP sign. Look for the round restroom facility and NYC Parks flag. We will be gathering there.